Art All Night – Trenton 2016

arthouse sold

Abandoned Route 206 House

I entered a photograph of the abandoned Route 206 House in Southampton, NJ for the 10 Year anniversary of Art All Night – Trenton.  Art All Night is a 24 hour public event (3pm Saturday – 3pm Sunday) hosted by Artworks – Trenton.  It’s free to submit and free to attend!  My photo was sold last minute at the end of the event at 3pm, just in the nick of time.

This was my second year entering in a piece, and my third year as Volunteer. It was also my third year as Survey Captain (the ever exciting data collection) with the honor of being a part of the planning committee of this epic event!  As Survey Captain, I get to meet and talk with guest of the event and listen to their constructive feedback.  Most importantly, I collect and compile the data needed for the $10,000 grant that allows Artworks – Trenton to keep this even free for all to enjoy.

We received over 1400 unique art pieces, the most ever entered into this event.  It was so jam packed with guests between 10pm-midnight, causing gigantic parking lot to be completely full for the first time ever. We were breaking records everywhere!

Artworks – Trenton is an amazing space for artists as well as lots of Volunteer opportunities. I urge you all to check them out!

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