My favorite photo from London.

I was fortunate enough to travel to two locations over the summer for non-photo related business and I had some downtime to capture some fascinating locations. First, I was sent to hot and humid Miami, Florida where I stayed put inside the glorious air conditioned 5 star resort, Turnberry Isle. Next, I flew to London, England where I stayed at the haunted yet charming Selsdon Park Hotel arriving to sunny, mid 60’s, breezy, and zero humidity weather.  Needless to say, I was out and about exploring London all 7 days I was there.

Since I was in another country, I decided to research public abandoned and/or historic locations and make the most of my trip.  I did not want to get locked up for trespassing in another country, though I’m sure they would serve me tea and biscuits behind bars.  I made a schedule and did a pretty great job of following it!  I covered a lot of ground and stumbled upon things I would never have found if I didn’t get lost and travel down a lot of back alleys and side streets. Luckily the sun sets at 10pm, so i had a lot of light to work with well into the evening.

My favorite photo from my explorations is of the Shard tower (the tallest building in the UK) taken from behind an old gear near the River of Thames north shoreline. London is full of the vintage/modern contrast and I was really drawn to the meeting of both worlds.  I discovered an array of street art, historic buildings, re-purposed ruins, and other derelict architecture in a city that is both a melting pot of ethnicity and centuries.

You can find the rest of the photos from my International travels in the London, England section of my portfolio.

Shard through Gear, London.


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