About the Photographer

“Take nothing but memories. Leave nothing but footprints.”
Chief Seattle

I’m just a lady named Katy who likes to photograph abandoned & derelict buildings depicting the exquisite architectural decay abundant around the world. My photos include urban, rural, industrial, and historic locations from the US to the recently visited UK. This practice is also known as Urban Exploration, or Urbex.

I’ve always been drawn to all things antique and vintage. My background is in film production, but I’ve always had an affinity for photography.  Once I found the subject that resonated with me, I started my permanent adventure capturing the abandoned.  I started my explorations in the spring of 2015.  Seeing locations frozen in time is the most exciting thing about this business.  I think the antiquated visuals mixed with the unique history makes for interesting stories to share with others.  Every photo sold is accompanied by a written backstory about the location if known.

Currently, I reside in Ewing, NJ right outside of the rich in history city of Trenton.  I sell my photos at pop up art show events around the NJ and PA area as well as on my website  A list of upcoming Art and Vendor events can be found under the shop menu at the top of the page. Come meet me in person!  I love talking to anyone who will listen about my adventures.

If you want to learn more about my photography, travels, or events, please feel free to contact me and happy exploring!

(Photo Credits: Gala Derroisne Photography & K.R. Allen Photography)