Selsdon Park Hotel. South Croydon, England.

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126 Addington Road South, South Croydon CR2 8YA

The Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Course is currently a luxury hotel and full of charming and haunted history in South Croydon London. Opened originally as a 24 bedroom hotel in 1925 after changing many hands between private owners. In 1997 after being bought by Principal Hayley Group and a multimillion dollar refurbishment (many original amenities remain), the high class Selsdon Resort & hotel and resort opened with 200 rooms.

The hotel is also haunted. You may meet a mysterious woman in grey wafting through Selsdon’s creeper covered towers and rambling wings. This ghostly figure is said to be a lowly Tudor maid who had a liaison with the owners’ son but was dumped when she became pregnant. The grief-struck woman leapt to her death from a window. Staff swear that they have seen the Grey Lady, as she is known, and the four-star hotel has been featured on TV investigations about the paranormal.

Photographed July 2016.

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