Tent City & Warrington Rest Home. Ocean Grove, NJ

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Tent City. 54 Pittman Ave. Ocean Grove, NJ.

From May to September of each year, 114 tents are erected around the Great Auditorium. These tents form “Tent City,” a tradition of the Camp Meeting Association that dates back to 1869. Each tent is connected to a shed containing a kitchen and bathroom; the sheds are also used to store the tents during the winter. Tents are in such demand that there is a waiting list of over ten years for summer rentals. All prospective tent inhabitants are interviewed. Subletting of tents is not allowed; dogs, cats, and barbecuing are also prohibited. Tent inhabitants do not have to be Methodist, but they do have to support the association’s spiritual missions.

Warrington Rest Home. 22 Lake Ave. Ocean Grove, NJ.

Warrington was a rest home in Ocean Grove, NJ which housed about 15 clients. It was closed by the state in 2012 because of a long laundry list of deplorable conditions inside.

Photographed September 2016.

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